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Adoption is a complicated process and an even more complicated journey for hopeful adoptive families.  Here at 2Boys Adoption Marketing we teach hopeful families about adoption, the trauma of adoption, and how to ethically self-match with an expectant couple/mother through networking and advertising.


More and more expectant moms who are considering adoption for their baby are finding potential adoptive families on social media.  Less and less women/couples are choosing to go to an agency to find a family for their baby.  Many agencies are encouraging their clients to turn to social media to self-match.  


So how do you go about doing that?  What does that really mean? 

There are of course just as many ways of self-matching as there are paths to adoption.  The one you choose must be the one your are comfortable and capable to maintaining.  You can join facebook groups (I don't advise this.) You can tell everyone you know and everyone you meet.  You can use your social media profiles and personal accounts.  You can create professional social media accounts and depending on your state's laws.... pay Meta to advertise your post.


Why choose 2Boys Adoption Marketing?

Unlike other adoption consultants, we teach our families HOW to self-match through a gradual release method. 

You will possess ownership and access to all of your digital media.

You will learn how to be self-sufficient and market yourself independent from a paid consultant.

You will learn what you need to know to be able to self-match!

Over the course of about 3-5 months- you will learn how to:

  • use social media accounts to network and advertise

  • create and market your brand

  • use attraction marketing

  • create visually appealing graphics and images

  • create ethical posts on social media to attract expectant parents considering adoption

  • create and "boost" ads on social media

  • edit your own adoption website and digital portfolio

  • speak with expectant parents and discuss the adoption process

  • screen potential situations for "red flags" vs viable potentials

  • advocate for women to make the best decision they can in their situation

  • and most importantly remain ethical while doing this!


How do you market yourself to adopt?




We can create your website to act as an online profile.  This will be linked to your social media presence.  You retain ownership and the ability to edit your website after it is published.

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Digital Profiles

Sometimes an attorney contacts your attorney asking for potential families. 

A digital profile is a must for these situations. Digital portfolios can also be printed at a local printer.

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Social Media Marketing

Instagram & TikTok professional accounts are a must.  If you live in a state that allows paid advertising we will pay to advertise on these platforms.  If not, no worries hashtags are usually a legal alternative.


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