As we all know, millions of people are on social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at any given moment throughout the day.  
Social Media gives hopeful adoptive families an infinite reach in their marketing strategy.  People have made millions of dollars selling products in direct sales using social media using Attraction Marketing strategies.  We use the same principles to market your family to expectant women/couples thinking of making an adoption plan for their baby.  Unlike a print ad, social media allows you to engage with and captivate your audience.  Giving the expectant couple a glimpse into your lives and who you are as well as allowing them to picture the life you can give to their baby.
How does 2Boys help pre-adoptive families?


Education! That's what makes us different from other adoption consultants.  Our founder, Pamela, will teach you, over the initial 3 month period, the principles of Attraction Marketing and how they be can applied to an adoption marketing strategy.  At 2Boys Adoption Marketing we believe that you should be in control of your social media and marketing efforts.  You always have the ability to access your accounts and edit them on your own behalf.

Why use social media?
What does 2Boys do?


Pamela will meet with you in person or speak with you over video chat, to teach you about Attraction Marketing.  You will provide 2Boys with your current adoption profile (or we can design one for you using your Dear Couple letter) and a comprehensive list of your interests.  2Boys will be given access as an admin to your social media pages (we will create them for you if you do not have them already) and will post 3-5 Evergreen and or engagement posts per week to your accounts on your behalf.  Pamela will create a video profile from the photos and interest inventory you provide.  (See some examples on our "Some of Our Families page)  We will discuss the types of lifestyle posts you will be making to your accounts.  As posts occur we will discuss when and how to boost selected posts.  Pamela will be there to guide you every step of the way! The intent is that after 3 months you will feel confident to continue without us- if you aren't feeling confident or simply want continued support that can be arranged as well.

Can 2Boys create a website for me?


Yes! We can collaborate with you to use wix to create an attractive focused website with a custom domain name (web address).  You will be taught how to update the site and why this is important just before the page goes live.  You will be provided with the tools you need to maintain your site after its initial publishing.

Can 2Boys create a Print and Digital Profile book for us?


Yes! We offer special packages to reduce the costs associated with the designing of profiles.  We will collaborate with you to create a profile that truly shows who your family is and all you have to offer to a baby.